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Julie’s Sonic Cleaning is setting new standards in cleaning services and is maintaining these standards through hard work and professionalism to create and strengthen our relationships with our customers. We understand that a clean working environment enhances the productivity, health, and work experience of your employees, improving morale and increasing efficiency. We’re a cleaning company designed to leave a lasting impression and are the best for keeping your office shiny, clean, and bright. We strive to keep our customers satisfied each and every time and are ready to fulfill your office and facilities cleaning needs.

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Call to set up a walk through of your office, so we can obtain a list of your needs and wants. From there we will make a specialized checklist just for your establishment. Then from there, your office will be maintained with professional care without any worry of its cleanliness.


Here’s a basic checklist to give you an idea of what we do. However, each office is different and a specific checklist will be customized just for you.



Disinfecting counter tops, desks and work areas

Cleaning of all mirrors and glass

Empty shredders, remove trash and replace liners

Dusting of all, frames, lighting, overhead fixtures, baseboards, blinds and etc.

Restocking of toiletries and soaps

Disinfecting phones

Vacuuming and mopping


Clean and disinfect all tables and chairs

Dust wall decor and lighting fixtures

Straighten magazines and seating area

Vacuum, sweep and mop floors


Wipe down all appliances

Clean interior microwave

Cleaning of coffee pot

Clean and sanitize counter tops and tables

Sanitize and Clean sinks

Wash any dishes left in sink

Restocking of paper towels and refilling soaps

Vacuum and mop floors

Empty trash and replace liner


Clean, disinfect and sanitize all counters

Disinfect and clean sinks and basins

Clean and disinfect toilet bowl inside and out including base

Cleaning mirrors

Restock paper towels, Toilet paper and soap dispensers

Empty trash bins and replace liners

Sweep and mop floors

Polish all stainless steel


Cleaning of interior fridge

Carpet  Steam Cleaning at 240 degrees

Upholstery Cleaning

Grout Cleaning

supplying your toiletries, garbage liners, and cleaning products

The Value of Clean
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