Tips on Cleaning

Here’s a few tips i wanted to share with you guys! 

How to clean……

Shower Doors? Use Jet Dry that is used usually for the dishwasher and you’ll get rid of those stubborn spots or soap scum.Mix in a spray bottle with water or dab on full strength.

Rust Spots? Just use a product called “Bartender’s Keeper”, sprinkle it on the spot and rub with a damp cloth.

Gum on wallpaper? Spray on some WD40 and rub off

Black scuff marks on vinyl flooring? Use some WD40 as well or baking soda on a sponge and wipe off

Heel marks on wood floors? Wipe off with a damp cloth and baking soda

Crayon marks on any hard surface? Use a damp cloth with baking soda

Hairspray residue on your walls, counters or doors? Combine a 50/50 combination of alcohol and water in spray bottle, spray and wipe.

Carpet stain? Apply club soda and dab it clean.

Rusty Utensils? Remove the rust by sticking your utensils in an onion for a hour or so.

Greasy furniture from too much polish? Add some cornstarch and wipe out.

Water ring markings or heat marks on wood? Remove by leaving mayonnaise or petroleum jelly on it over night.

Need to remove wax? Dip cotton cloth in rubbing alcohol and clean off.

Need to restore dry wood? Rub down with petroleum jelly.

Ink and marker marks? Remove with a cheap hairspray and alcohol.

Wanna stop your plastic ware from staining? Spray vegetable oil spray in container before adding those saucy dishes for storage.

Dirty oven burners? Take each burner and place in a zip lock bag, add a splash of ammonia and seal for 24 hours then wipe grime away with little elbow grease.

Polishing stainless steel? Out of all the products iv’e used, the best are products you already have in your own home. Like goo gone, WD40 or my favorite baby oil. When applying micro fiber cloths work the best and you don’t need much to clean it.

Need to remove blood from furniture or clothing? Use hydrogen peroxide

Need to dust those hard to get corners or textured areas? Use a paint brush to get into the crevasses.

Cleaning Chrome? Club soda or seltzer water work great

Smelly or clogged drains? Pour a handful of baking soda into the drain and then add 1/2 cup of white vinegar. These ingredients will combine and form a small erupting volcano. Cover the drain for several minutes. Uncover and then rinse with cold water after 1/2 hour.

Scummy shower head? pour 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup white distilled vinegar into a sandwich bag and tie it around the shower head. Let this set for an hour after the bubbling has stopped. Remove the bag and then turn on the water.

Candle wax on the carpet? Scrape up the wax with a spoon. Then place brown paper over the remaining wax and place a warm iron over the paper until the wax melts onto the paper.

Spilt red wine on carpet? cover the spot with salt. Allow it to dry, then vacuum.

Another solution for red wine on the carpet! Clean up the stain with a dab of shaving cream

Mildew on shower curtains? Keep a spray bottle of vinegar in the shower and spray frequently

Toilet bowl with hard water? Use a phosphoric bowl cleaner

Removing cat hair from the sofa? Put on a wet rubber glove from and rub hand over sofa. The glove will pick up hair
Want to remove odors from your fridge? Place a bowl of coffee grounds in there and swap it out once a month.
Smelly garbage disposal? Throw in some ice cubes every week and turn it on, then flush with water to help keep it clean and break up grease. Then follow the process with lemon, lime and orange peels to make it smell fresh and new.
How to polish tarnished copper? Fill a 16 oz spray bottle with white vinegar and 3 tablespoons of salt. Spray onto copper, let sit briefly and wipe.
Need help avoiding water stains from your faucets, sinks, and tubs. After cleaning your bathroom, wipe the area with baby oil. Do this once a month to help water bead and roll down the drain faster, buying you more time before the next cleaning.
Rust stains or mineral stains in your toilet? Try pouring a can of coke in your toilet and let it sit before scrubbing. Or try teo denture cleaning tabs sit before scrubbing. The phosphoric acid in these items helps do the trick.
Combat mold and mildew from tiles and shower curtains!  Use a paste of equal parts lemon juice and baking powder. Spread on the mixture, leave for two hours, then rinse.
Dust in small crevices or corners? Use a paintbrush (one that has never been used with paint) to get inthose areas to dust it right off
Need help cleaning bottles or vases that are too small to get in there to clean? Use dry rice to throw into the container with 1/2 cup warm water, cover with the palm of your hand, shake vigorously, then rinse.
Cleaning chandeliers? Give chandeliers a quick cleaning with a blow-dryer (set on low) or a feather duster. For tougher jobs, fill a spray bottle with one part vodka to five parts water, spritz on fixtures and blow-dry.
Cleaning Brass? Shine brass using a dab of Worcestershire sauce or ketchup. Squeeze the condiment onto a cloth, rub the item, then rinse with water and dry with a towel.
Use your tennis ball to clean! Use a new tennis ball to wipe scuff marks off tile, vinyl, woodwork—even painted walls. It won’t harm the surface.