Dusting in corners, small crevices, or hard to reach places.

Ever see the dust inbetween the design of your frames where you have your family photos? Or in the corners of your baseboards or cupboards? Some areas are just hard to get to and when you wipe it with a dust rag or swifter it just doesn’t pick up that dust. Well I have a solution for you and you might even have this in your home already. Try using a paint brush to get in those crevices and corners. Just swipe that dust away but make sure there is no paint on your brush!

Cleaning stainless steel

There are a lot of products for polishing stainless steel that are pretty expensive. Out of all the products i have used, the best are products you already have in your own home. Like goo gone, WD40 or my favorite baby oil. Make sure to apply with a micro fiber cloth and rub in the the same direction of the grain. Remember you don’t need much to clean it and keep rubbing it till it looks good.