Why Hire A Professional Cleaning Service?

These days most of the people are busy with their professional careers, business, or employment career, they find it hard to find the time to do their household chores such as cleaning, tidying, and organizing their homes. In fact, some people don’t even have the time to their laundry or to do some household cleaning chores. Also homemakers find it hard and stressful to look after their homes and taking care of their families as well as interests. Many mothers don’t have the time to do the cleaning. That is why hiring professional cleaning services is a great idea. Squeezing in cleaning chores instead of relaxing during the weekend after the week’s hard work seems like a lot of effort and is time consuming. Or you can end up feeling stressed, pressed for time, which can even place a strain on your marriage/relationship. To take a little stress out of your life people should hire professional cleaning services. Hiring professional cleaning help both for homes and for Offices simplifies a lot of things and also helps in maintaining a clean and organized environment. Who else can do a better job than the professionals who are trained to do these chores effectively. Experience wise, professional cleaning companies only employ the best as they are all trained to do the nitty-gritty of cleaning all kinds of surfaces, dirt, and stains. The cleaning professionals know which cleaning products to use so they will not damage your carpeting or upholstery, surface tops, or furnishings. Most professional cleaning companies have been in the industry for years, they can get the cleaning job much faster, much accurate, and flawless — leaving no cleaning residue. They are THE PROFESSIONALS. When your place is clean, you’re in a good environment. At home, you will feel protected. Also coming back to a clean fresh home/office can be truly refreshing and relaxing. Back at home one can have plenty of time to relax without such worries. A clean home/office also assures you that you are prevented from any allergens. Also, a clean home reflects people’s personality and impressions in a work place. Other points of concern are health. A clean home is in most cases a healthy home. When there is a mess inside your home, it might be very troublesome to concentrate on something in particular. Plus, it has a distinct positive effect in your mental being if you have an orderly home. This is why hiring professional cleaning services is a great idea. Research establishes facts that a tidy and uncluttered house/workplace reaffirms the sense of safety; enhances the feeling of being supported and augments the productivity of the residents.

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Cleaning shower doors can be a pain in the a**

Shower doors do there part in keeping a shower enclosed and water detained. However they can be tricky to clean at times especially if they have been neglected for some time. The minerals in water cause stains that can be difficult to remove. A client taught me a trick I never knew of which consisted of using Jet Dry. You know the product that is used in our dishwashers to avoid stains. Makes sense when you think about it but I guess I never thought to try it in a shower! Add jet dry to a spray bottle with some water and watch it do tricks!

Did you need a new vacuum?

Well if you do, today’s your lucky day! I just got an email that Big Lots is taking 20% OFF of all vacuums!! It’s part of their Columbus Day sale and it ends October 17th, including all steam mops, steam cleaners, and vacuums! Head to your local store and get a nice dyson at a cheap discount or buy online here at BigLots.com! Hurry this deal only happens once a year.

Ways to tackle and eliminate dust!

Dust is an accumulation of tiny particles that includes paper, hair, pet dander, skin cells, cloth fibers, dirt, and more. Letting it build up can lead to allergies and other health problems, so it’s a good idea to keep it under control. There are cleaning methods, clutter remedies and filtration techniques that can drastically reduce the amount of dust you and your family breathe. Follow these tips!

Dust throughout your home with a microfiber rag and some polish to swoop up the dust.

Change and wash your sheets once a week. Change bedding and blankets every 3-4 weeks.

Beat down your rugs and couch cushions outside to eliminate dust every 3 months. Just give them a couple good wacks and let go of some steam!

Wipe down baseboards, boarders, and doors when your home is due for a deep cleaning

Remove clutter from your home.

Recycle old books and magazines because they create dust when they degrade over time

Change your air filter every 1-3 months

Groom your pets often and wash their bedding to cut down on fur and dander dust

Get a air purifier or place natural plants in your home for a natural purifier

Vacuum your home twice a week to suck up those dust bunnies

Mop often to get the dust that was missed from vacuuming