My favorite multipurpose cleaner!

My favorite cleaning product that I use in my own home is method multi-purpose sprays. However, I have used alot of their cleaners and love every single one of them! They all have lovely fragrances and i’m excited to try new scents.  Their multi-purpose spray i’d recommend is Lavender because that seems to be everyone’s favorite scent and I’ve seen it everywhere they carry the brand. They usually run an average of $3.99 a bottle but i have found them cheaper on Try buying this 8 pack which works out to $3.59 per bottle. The best thing about this company is that it’s non toxic and animal friendly! Method cleaners put the hurt on dirt.

Check out some of their muti-pupose sprays in pink grapefruitlemon mint, cucumber, and Clementine!

The cheapest spray bottle i found was Cucumber at $2.61 per bottle!!